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You did a great job I learned a lot in the classroom.

Very educational. Great  class and thank you!!!

Great experience and course material. Enjoyed it and learned a lot. Jason is an excellent instructor and was also very patient and thorough with everyone at the firing range. Thank you very much for making this easy!

Jason was a great instructor and I learned a great amount from his course. Jason also answered everyone's questions throughout the day in a way that was easy to understand.  I would and will recommend him and his course to coworkers, friends, and family members.

I was very anxious about taking this class as a 'granny', but you instantly put me at ease! You presented all the course information in a light and entertaining way ( as opposed to dry and boring). The gun handling portion was relaxed and I was encouraged that I would be able to become proficient through practice. Yet every step of the way I got the definate sense of the seriousness and responsibility associated with carrying my weapon. Thank you for helping me on this my first step of carrying a concealed weapon.

Learned a lot thanks so much!

The class was very interesting and helpful.  The instructor was excellent . I really enjoyed the class. I would recommend it to everyone.  Thank you for letting us have it.

- Carl

Great info, Jason made learning interesting and fun with class participation. Will recommend to my friends.

I enjoyed the class and I thought Jason did a great job of presenting the material.  The class started on time and there were plenty of breaks so that we could stretch our legs.  I appreciate that Jason called someone to do fingerprints for us so that we don't have to worry about going to the police station to get them done! I will recommend the class to our family and friends. Thank you.

Jason was a great instructor and was very patient with all of our questions. I enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend Jason and the At Home CCW company. Thanks for making a 12 hour class not only bearable but enjoyable and informative!


I felt the role playing and scenario discussions were useful.  Jason managed to entertain us for the whole 12 hours of the class. I have a good understanding of when someone should and should not use a gun for self defense.   The last hour spent on driving home the 5th amendment was very very useful. Thank you.

Excellent class. Thanks and I will tell everyone about you.

-Dr. Stephen

I really learned a lot. I really enjoyed the way Jason gave the information so that we could understand it all. I pray that he keeps on teaching and getting the information out to the people. Would love to come and sit in on another class. Thanks Jason


I thought it was great with a lot of good info and humor. You were a great teacher of the gun and law. Thank you and if I had to take another I would like you to be teaching.

Great class! Appreciate that you came up to Findlay to do one in this area.

Learned some things today. Jason did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend the course to all who carry.

Great class & instructor. Thank you!

- Karen

I thought the class was great and Jason gives great customer service. I would definitely recommend his class. He listened and interacted with what we had to say.


Testimonials. What students are saying about the class. 

Thank you, Jason for such an enjoyable learning experience!

- Latisha

Thank you for the class. It was very educational. I highly recommend it to those interested in obtaining their CCW permit.


Take this class!! You will not be disappointed. I also suggest more scenario questions  if time allows.