If you would rather complete the course in person, contact us for a private class or attend one of our charity classes held here:


(formerly First Baptist Temple)

Conference Center / Training Room
5075 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus OH 43231


9:00 a.m. - 6:00  p.m.

Range time and live fire will be completed at a private outdoor range (rain or shine).


Everyone must pre-register online.


All instructors have completed the accredited NRA Pistol course. Lead instructors are Certified Defensive Handgun Instructors. Certification from a National Gun Advocacy Group is required to teach Ohio concealed carry classes per the Ohio Attorney General.


What will you learn in this class?:

  •  Introduction to Concealed Carry
  •  Learn about reactionary gap, castle doctrine, and Ohio lethal force laws.
  • Options to protect yourself legally and financially.
  • Firearm basics like proper safety, loading, unloading, reloading, cleaning, types of malfunctions, clearing malfunctions, shooting fundamentals, and draw techniques. 
  • Types of holsters for concealed carry
  •  Elements for justified lethal force.
  • Scenario based learning and correct force options.
  • Hands on training with a revolver and semi-automatic firearm prior to the range.
  • Shooting positions, sight picture, grip, and trigger squeeze.
  • Factors to consider when purchasing a firearm.
  • Ways to defend yourself with or without a firearm.
  • Various avoidance, evade, and escape techniques.
  • Inoculation scenarios based on home invasion, 911 call, police encounter, and court room defense.
  • Safe handling and storage of firearms and ammunition.

Only $79.99.  Reserve your seat for $9.99. Payment in full due seven (7) calendar days days before class. Please consider donation of $10, $20, $30, to the Food Pantry (donation not required). For class dates and times:

We also decided to develop an online course, so students can complete the course on demand, any time and anywhere and schedule range time to complete the live fire portion. 

Our online on-demand course will launch August 1, 2022!

For more information about our online course, please subscribe to our email mail list for updates: 

Your Ohio Permit will allow you to carry concealed in 39 states!*

Verify On the Ohio Attorney General Website*

​We provided an online live webinars during the lockdowns and restrictions during the pandemic, and because the webinars were so successful, even though now they are no longer needed,  we decided to provide micro-class webinars throughout the year!

To see our one-hour micro class webinars, schedule, dates and information click below: 

Ohio Attonery General Concealed Carry Handgun License State Reciprocity List

Live Webinar Testimonial: 

Jay was great! The presentation was thorough but not monotonous. Being that it was a first time for the webinar portion of a split style class, I felt like it went very well and was presented in a way that the knowledge was straightforward and easy to retain. The poll questions, at the end of each quarter of the class, were fun and seamlessly integrated. All in all, I think this learning platform is a great tool, Jay and At Home CCW did a wonderful job adapting their classroom lesson for this platform, and I believe it is a fantastic way to be more versatile for folks who perhaps can't spend all 9 hours in a classroom in one day... and obviously for situations like the COVID-19 pandemic. To the folks at At Home CCW, well done! -  Matthew G.

Tel: (888) 696-7322


Safety is our priority in the class and on the range with personalized instruction. We prepare our clients for real world applications and not tactical military or law enforcement training.


"Thought the class was excellent. The instructors were phenomenal " - Charles W.

"Jay you was awesome and I would and will tell people to come to @home ccw" - Jimme B. 

"Jay, Great class! Both informative and entertaining" -  Andrew C.

Disclaimer: Do NOT use for verification of reciprocity (states honoring the Ohio permit) as this is not updated regularly, for the most updated map, visit www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov

All classes taught by a Certified Defensive Handgun Instructor:

What's included in your class:

No Hidden Fees
Eye and Ear Protection
Targets and Range
Passport photo

Student Packet

Certificate of Completion
Draw from holster immersion
Student only special offers for skill builder classes
Exclusive access to online course and content (when available)

Online Ohio Concealed Carry Course: online2carry.com

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