At Home CCW Ohio

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Our Story.

This company was started out for one reason, to provide a better learning and training experience by bringing it to the home. Shortly after concealed carry was legalized in Ohio by 2005 the founder of this company, Bobby, and his wife took a concealed carry class. To their surprise, initial class was awful and they sat at banquet hall table with hard chairs surround by strangers. He knew the training could better and didn't want anyone else to endure the same pain, so he started developing a concealed carry class of his own. A type of class where the focus was on giving the best training and learning experience possible in the comfort of a home or office. His vision and hard work was the catalyst for great training and the creation of At Home CCW Ohio.

New Ownership.

By 2013 with new opportunities on the horizon Bobby wanted to expand, so he set his sights on developing a market in Florida. And for one of his former students, Jay, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. After a few months of negotiations, and already having the proper certifications, At Home CCW Ohio transitioned to it’s new owner and instructor in June of 2013. The founder of the company had a vision to offer a different kind learning experience, one that was from the heart, that was great, and not driven for money but the love of teaching, one that taught the student what they needed to know, in a way that was unique and practical, making learning enjoyable along the way. We value and continue to carry this tradition today. We are proud to introduce the same vision and values by incorporating this passion for training into the soon to be new website name:

Online training.

In efforts to continue providing a great learning experience in the home, we have developed online training as another way to make learning flexible, convenient, and enjoyable.  We're passionate about learning and knowledge and not only want to give all our students who attend any of courses in person, but full access to the online version of the class. Students can continue to improve their knowledge by review a topic, take a refresher, sign up for a new course, and review material when they want, anywhere, and anytime. There's no extra charge. Why should there be? It's already been paid for. Whether you sat in a class or took part of the class online, you'll have a life time access to the full class and we'll add modules when content is updated or laws change. Either way, you'll be learning something new or re-learning. Oh and if you took the class before the online launch, we're granting full access to all former students! Just send us an email! Training will soon be available at:

Our guarantee

We believe we provide a great learning and training environment. If by the lunch hour during the class you decide this course is not for you or it's not what you expected, I will refund your money 100% no questions asked. Just turn in the student material you will get a full refund. Unfortunately there are no refunds at monthly classes for no shows or day of cancellations.