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GEM Concealed Carry Practical skills

You have been issued a CHL what's next? THIS CLASS!

This course where you will run your EDC from concealment all day. Students will learn close quarter shooting and concealment options, as well as techniques to defeat cover garments. If you want to know to deploy your handgun and not just carry it this is the course for you.

Review of Basic Pistol Safety

•How to select your concealed carry pistol and holster

•Clothing Selection for Concealment of pistol

•Analysis of shooting stances

•Handgun retention basics

•Failure to fire: Understanding Malfunctions

•Get back in the fight: Clearing the Malfunction

•Understanding the force continuum

•Decision to draw pistol?

•Drawing the pistol

•Decision to fire?

•Firing to stop the attack; Single attacker

•Firing to stop the attack; multiple attackers

•Reloading during conflict

•Use of cover and concealment

•Firing weak hand

•Weak hand reload and malfunction clearing

•Shooting from prone, kneeling, crouched, and other positions

•Use of flashlight and low-light environments

•Verbal commands

•After the conflict: Contact with Law Enforcement

•Legal discussion Q&A


Required Equipment:

Semi Auto Handgun with concealed carry holster and magazine pouch. (Bring and use you EDC and EDC gear) *****No shoulder holsters******

Minimum of (2) magazines.

(350) Rounds of ammo for your weapon

Small flashlight

Dress appropriately for the outdoor range (we shoot rain or shine)

Eye and Ear Pro


Cover garment

Water, Drinks, snacks or bagged lunch

Note pad and Pen

Sun Screen

COURSE FEE: $190.00

At Home CCW specializes in training to get your concealed carry permit, for advanced training, we refer all our clients  to Instructor TT Phillips @ Gun Envy Manufacturing (GEM). 

If you have just finished a concealed carry course,  learn the practical firearm skills you can use in everyday shooting on the range, when carrying concealed, or safely drawing from a holster with live fire exercises and put rounds down range.

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