Why take a concealed carry class, regardless if you will get a permit or carry without a permit?

Core topics and more:

  • Student Handgun Baseline Assessment
  • Home defense planning and invasion prevention and dynamic management
  • Ammunition, Handgun, Safe, and Holster selection
  • Fundamentals, Safe Handling, how to increase performance
  • Smokeless (Virtual) Range for practice sight picture, speed and accuracy
  • Live Fire for speed and accuracy confirmation
  • In-person scenarios and Virtual Range stress-based scenarios
  • Active Shooter Response and First Aid/Triage
  • A-social vs psychopathic violence, non-verbal manifestations, what to look for and how to respond
  • Use of Force Non-Lethal and Lethal Options, and empty-handed techniques
  • Legal and Financial Protections. Review of Ohio Concealed Carry Laws
  • Individual training plan and next steps based on interests and time
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group


Private Outdoor Range Location:
Short drive offsite from the classroom.

The OHIO Permit IS Honored IN all the RED states!

Click the map for the most up to date state reciprocity.

All-inclusive concealed carry class $79.99. Handguns, Ammunition, Eye and Ear Protection and range included.

Reserve your seat today for only $9.99!

Do NOT use this map as a resource for states honoring your Ohio permit, the official source is: www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov  

Ohio Attourney General State Reciprocity List

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No matter your handgun skill level, you will:

  • develop skills for performance
  • increase proficiency and confidence with handguns, concealed carry laws, and use of force
  • learn awareness and de-escalation skills
  • safely and legally defend yourself and others
  • apply empty-handed lethal and non-lethal techniques and more...

- Owner/Lead Instructor Jay Vandegriff | Certified Defensive Handgun Instructor | Veteran

BEST Ohio Concealed Carry Class in Columbus, OHIO

Classroom Location:
5075 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, OH

(Crossroads Church Conference Room. Five minutes west of Easton Town Center)

Mass Shooter Facts:

70% of Mass Shooters end their own life, 26% are killed, and only 4% surrender.  Mass Shooters seek Body Count and Fame.... (source USCCA)

89% of victims are in Gun Free zones. (source USCCA)

Become skilled with a handgun. Gain confidence, safely handle and store firearms. Protect you and your family. Concealed Carry Class tips to improve your accuracy and safety:

TIP 1 Accuracy:  Grip, Trigger Finger, Sight Alignment/Picture, Stance

Handgun Grip  - Full 360 grip with a strong support hand to minimize recoil. 
Trigger Finger Placement & Squeeze - Place the center pad of the index finger on the center of the trigger (ideal) and pull strait to the rear to minimize lateral movement during an acceptable shot.
Sight Alignment and Picture - Front sight clear in the rear sight (blurry) while superimposed over the point of impact.

Stance - Fighting stance 

TIP 2 Safety: Finger on Frame / Slide

For Safety keep the trigger finger out of the trigger guard, off the trigger, and high on the frame or slide, until ready to fire, after firing, while clearing a malfunction, reloading or adjusting grip.

Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only, not to be construed as instruction. Always receive training from a certified instructor and do not attempt without proper training. Firearms handling can be a dangerous activity. Can lead to fatalities and serious bodily injury.

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"Jay, very well done, from a former Ranger to a former Marine, it couldn't have been better!" - John H.

"Excellent course and experience! The material is well-organized and easy to understand. Jay presenting style is very accessible and engaging. The range time and instruction was also great. I left with improved skills and confidence. I highly recommend this course!" - Zandia L.

​"The class was great. Covered simple steps in gun handling and assessing a situation. The day flew by. Information was presented in a way that anyone could understand and benefit from. I would recommend this class to anyone with little to no experience simply to demystify handguns and their gun competency." - Wyane G.

Get your Ohio Concealed Carry class today for $79.99!  

All students receive a free United States Concealed Carry Association magazine at class!

CHL holders MUST take eight hours of training to apply for a Concealed-Handgun License.

The training covers handgun operation and safe handling of guns and ammunition.

In addition, these students must spend two hours on a shooting range learning how to shoot a pistol safely under the guidance of certified instructors.

Students must also read this guide to become familiar with Ohio’s laws regarding self-defense and concealed carry.

Those who choose to be permitless carriers are NOT required to take 8 hours of training, they may not apply for a CHL because they have not demonstrated competency.

This does not mean that training is unnecessary, however. On the contrary, anyone intending to carry concealed is advised to seek training because the risks of carrying without training are high, including:

• Injury or death resulting from unsafe gun handling and operation.
• Criminal liability — including going to prison — for using deadly force outside of the very narrow guidelines of Ohio’s self-defense laws.

• Civil liability if you are sued for using your firearm, with potentially devastating financial penalties.
• Legal costs — which can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars — to defend your claim of self-defense in court or to defend yourself in a civil lawsuit, or both.

The stakes are so high that the time and expense of training pale in comparison. Carrying a concealed handgun poses the same kind of risks and responsibilities as operating a motor vehicle.

Source: www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov Ohio Concealed Carry Law Manual. Dave Youst. June 13, 2022

Ohio requires eight hours of handgun training to apply for a concealed handgun license (permit) under the permitless "constitutional" carry law.​  Avoid felony charges by learning the law and legally conceal carry in 39 other states that honor the Ohio Concealed Handgun License. 

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