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At Home CCW Ohio concealed carry class brought to your home or office. CCW classes online save you time....

At Home CCW Ohio is client focused by offering an all inclusive experience....

Officially authorized training syllabus. Input from law enforcement, instructors....

We identify real world situations and apply practical training for everyday....

Concealed carry class at home

We have been bringing concealed carry training to homes and offices throughout Ohio for over 5 years! We concentrate and deliver the required concealed carry permit certification coursework on your terms, on your time, when it is convenient for you. Classes can be for you alone, or with your significant other, family and friends; but always in the privacy of your own home, confidentially, and in one day. 


  • At Home CCW Course
  • Open CCW Course
  • Multi-State Permits
  • Certified Instruction
  • Passport Photos
  • Fingerprinting
  • Member Portal
  • Accredited Training
  • One-on-One Range Time
  • And Much More....

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At Home CCW Ohio delivers everything we promise. Our client satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”


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8 AM - 12 PM Utah Only
8 AM - 5 PM Utah-Ohio Combo
8 AM - 3 PM Utah-Ohio Hybrid (& 2 hrs online)
1 PM - 5 PM Ohio Hybrid (& 4 hrs online)


4.25.2015 Concealed Carry Class

Crossroads Baptist Church Conference Ctr

5075 Cleveland Ave, Col. OH 43123

5.30.2015  Concealed Carry Class

Crossroads Baptist Church Conference Ctr

5075 Cleveland Avenue, Col. OH 43123

7.25.2015  Concealed Carry Class

Crossroads Baptist Church Conference Ctr

5075 Cleveland Avenue, Col, OH 43213

8 Hour and On-line hybrid courses begin March 23, 2015. Complete 2 - 4 hours of CCW training At Home, anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

On-line course students who book a seat today will receive a user name and password to login to the on-line course on 23 March 2015.

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Beware of any company offering on-line training prior to the effective change in Ohio CHL law. They are committing a felony and the CHL permits will be subject to revocation.

Certified, Accredited, and Seasoned INstructors.

Your personal instructor is a Certified Concealed Firearms Instructor who is also an Accredited Pistol NRA Instructor.  He served in the U.S.M.C where he trained in hand-to-hand combat, defensive tactics, and firearms training. The team includes a former IDPA Director, NRA Accredited Instructors, Certified Fingerprint Technicians, and legal consultants. The At Home CCW Ohio combined team delivers over 120 years of expertise in firearms training, carry laws, and legal defense.

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