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If you missed the live summit, get online access to recorded interviews with Jay and 29 other guest speakers at the online Gun Summit.

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No re-certification or training required to renew your permit! 


"Jay, Great class! Both informative and entertaining. Shooting has been a hobby for most of my life. Didn't know what to expect with a CCW class, but I'm now looking forward taking more classes to learn more about situational training and advanced techniques. If you're planning on facilitating any advanced courses, please let me know." -  Andrew C.

Get hands on experience for pre-gun purchase, understand fundamentals, and learn about firearms in a safe and comfortable environment.

Legally carry and transport concealed.

Range Location:
Private outdoor range within 15 minutes from the classroom. Shelter & seating provided.

Protect yourself legally and financially with a CCW Safe membership.

Class Hours:
 9 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Do you want a permit, protection, new to firearms, or increase your firearm proficiency no matter your skill level, then this class is for you! 

Increase your safety and accuracy with a firearm.

yOUR Permit IS Honored IN all the blue states!

All inclusive concealed carry class $59.99.

Classes are held at Crossroads Baptist Church in the conference room as a fundraiser for the food pantry. Please consider donating $10, $20, or $30 dollars for the food pantry in addition to your $59.99 class fee. Donations are not required but appreciated! We donate 10% of each student's class fee.

No additional background checks for firearm purchases for valid permit holders!

What's Included:

Loaner firearms


Safety Gear, targets, and range

Passport photo

Copy of Concealed Carry Magazine

Complimentary lifetime access to the online version of the course, when available.

Free copy at class! - USCCA Concealed Carry Magazine

All class dates are GTR (Guaranteed To Run). Everyone must pre-register. No walk-ins.

 It is your responsibility to verify states honoring your permit before traveling and/or transporting in other states. If your Ohio permit was issued before March 23, 2015, your permit is not honored by TX and WI. Source. Ohio AG Website and 

Give a Gift Certificate for Ohio Concealed Carry Training $59.99! Add a personal message, photo, and print the certificate. Valid for 1 year. 

"You will learn how to defend yourself, with or without a firearm. After training over a thousand students, firearm accuracy and safety are two areas students improve the most, while increasing self -confidence, and walking away with a life-long skill.  

-Lead Instructor Jay Vandegriff

Ohio Concealed Carry Classes in Columbus - OHIO CCW CLASSES

Classes Start Back Up Spring of 2017:

Saturday, March 25, 2017
Saturday, April 29, 2017

Better prepared for a critical incident. Armed or unarmed. Pre and post incident.

Classroom Location:
5075 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, OH (Conference Room of Crossroads Baptist Church)

Benefits of  a Carry Permit and Class!

Two tips that will have the greatest impact on your firearm accuracy and safety:

TIP 1:  Grip, Trigger Finger, Sights & Squeeze

Handgun Grip  - Full 360 grip will assist with natural point of aim.
Trigger Finger Placement - Trigger placement near the first crease of the trigger finger will minimize muzzle movement.
Sight Alignment and Trigger Squeeze are two of the six shooting fundamentals that will greatly improve your accuracy.

TIP 2: Finger on Frame

For Safety - Keep the trigger finger on the frame until ready to fire, after firing, clearing a malfunction, or reloading.

Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only, not to be construed as instruction. Always receive training from a certified instructor and do not attempt without proper training. Firearms handling is a dangerous activity. Can lead to fatalities and serious bodily injury.

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To ensure quality training and personal experience, class seats are limited, 12 students per 1 instructor, all classes limited to 12 or 24 seats based on demand, but never more than 24, we don't treat you like cattle.


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