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"Your greatest concealed carry weapon is your mind" - Tim Larkin

Fact: Ft Hood, TX response time, - 15 minutes - 13 killed 30 wounded.

Are You Prepared? What if you have a firearm and the attack is physical, or worse, as a last resort you are unarmed and have no other choice but to FIGHT for your life, the problem, everyone says fight, but no one is teaching you how not to fight. No matter your size, physical fitness, ability, age, gender, if you want to increase your chances of survival, Tim Larkin will show you how, and why others, while having good intentions, may fail to prepare you for reality.

Fact: San Bernardino, CA response time -4 minutes - 14 killed 20 wounded  (the two attackers left the scene and the first contact with law enforcement was two hours later!)

I will teach you about firearms and concealed carry so you'll walk away with the essential knowledge, understanding, mindset, and training.  -

Fact:Armed or unarmed citizens only have seconds to respond to deadly threat or crime if escape, deterrence and avoidance fail, or retreating increases the danger, we are left to FIGHT.

Fact: Paris attacks, response time - 3 hours- 130 dead and nearly 400 wounded (police mistaken situation as hostage crisis before going in to face the gun men)

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Take this class!! You will not be disappointed.


Excellent class. Thanks and I will tell everyone about you.
-Dr. Stephen


Thank you, Jason for such an enjoyable learning experience!
- Latisha


How critical is time, when your life depends on it, critical! Emergency response times be fair, with the tools our LEO's have, they do a wonderful job, they just can't be everywhere at the right time.  While mass attacks are rare when compared to everyday violence, here are some mass violent attacks response times...... 

Fact: "Five Seconds to's all you got" - Tim Larkin.

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We refer all clients to Instructor Phillips of Gun Envy. For more information about basic combat handgun class dates, visit



 Time is a critical factor in any violent encounter, and is why learning what not to do or what to do is just as important as how to do it before or to prevent a violent encounter. Maybe a firearm or empty handed tactics is not for you, if it is, then training based on real world scenarios is essential. We provide instinctive self defense techniques all skill levels to help repeat consistently on the range and under stress.  We want a great training and learning environment to prepare responsible citizens if all other options fail, for safe and legal use of a tool in self defense. We recommend Target Focus Training,  At Home CCW Ohio Training, and CCW Safe Membership for a full 360 protection plan.



Firearms training isn’t just learning how to shoot. Even more fundamentally, this course addresses strategies to avoid potentially dangerous encounters, how to legally defend yourself when deterance and avoidance fail, cover home and outdoor defense tactics, firearm self defense techniques, the legal issues and liability for self defense, and how to shield yourself financially and legally.



  Our marksmanship aspect of training won’t make you an sharpshooter, that's not the goal, the goal is to instill basic firearm safety and a beginning level of proficiency to lay the foundation for instinctive self defense techniques under stress.  If you haven’t fired a handgun before, you are likely to find the experience to be a whole lot less frightening than you may have previously imagined.


“At Home CCW Ohio delivers everything we promise. Our client satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!” -

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Ohio Residents  are authorized to conceal carry in Ohio with a non resident Arizona permit. A non-resident permit is valid in 30 states! Training is 3 hours. Apply and receive permit by mail. No range or test required. Perfect for those who are experienced.

Ohio concealed carry classes online launching in 2016. Complete 2, 4 , or 6 hours of an 8 hour course online. The remaining 2 hours is completed on the range during one of  our monthly classes in Columbus, Ohio. Submit a contact form to be notified when the course is launched.

 Monthly Columbus Ohio classes for individuals and online ccw class students to finish their range portion anytime.   Class is held in a comfortable conference center and we shoot at an outdoor range (shelter provided onsite for cold/rain)

Book Ohio ccw classes  at home! We travel the state of Ohio. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of a private affordable class at home for friends and family. Range time can be on private property or at a local gun range.  Flexible dates and times.