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Do you have a legal and financial Piece of Mind for justified, shoot or no shoot?

All memberships include the USCCA concealed carry magazine (print and digital copy).

Access to online e-learning, resources, attorney network and much more!

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Disclaimer: First, I am a USCCA affiliate and receive compensation for referrals. Second, I have membership and absolutely love it. I recommend this membership to family, friends and students.  Third, I am not a representative or endorsed by the USCCA or Delta Defense, LLC.

"Having a piece of mind I'm covered with a USCCA membership is great, other concealed carry insurance just can't offer the same benefits." - Jay Vandegriff

reasons why I have chosen a USCCA membership, INSTEAD OF OTHER CONCEALED CARRY INSURANCE:

  • Most criminal cases (state prosecutes) can cost upwards of $60k and civil case (family member sues for a wrongful death) can cost upwards of $120k.
  • Bail in the United States for a murder charge can be set to 1 million and a manslaughter charge can be set to 5ooK.
  • A portion of Bail Funding in the membership (platinum plan or above, because remember $60K of the fund is needed for criminal defense) can be used to pay 10% of the bail (10% of 1 million is 100K).
  • Majority of the states require 10% of the bond payment for release until trial. To get out of jail and fight the charges is where we need to be, with family and support while we continue to work!
  • Subscription of the Concealed Carry Magazine (in print and digital copy).
  • Great selection of e-learning online videos and quality of training.
  • Many more benefits other concealed carry insurance can't offer

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Concealed Carry insurance, part of your self defense plan.