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Ohio CCW Qualifications


An Ohio resident to obtain a concealed carry license must meet the  following requirements, in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code Section 923.125(A):

Must successfully complete an Ohio Concealed Carry Training Course

Must be at least 21 years of age (may not apply until 21 years of age).

Must be an Ohio resident at least 45 days and a resident of the county of application (or adjacent county for at least 30 days.

Must have read the current handbook available online at

Appointments (check with your local office) are required at the Franklin County Sheriff’s office to apply for or renew a Concealed Carry License

No appointments necessary for emergency applicants.


Cash, Money Order, or Cashiers Check only and must be paid at time of appointment.

$67.00 New Applicant Fee

$50 Renewal Applicant Fee

$37 Temporary Emergency Fee

$24.00 additional fee (for FBI Check) if you have not been a resident of Ohio for 5 consecutive years.

All fees are non refundable. Fees are waived for retired law enforcement personnel (must bring retirement letter).

Appointments (Franklin County)

Applicants, must bring the following to the scheduled appointment.

New, Renewal (from Fraklin Co.) and Emergency Applicants:

Valid photo ID.

The appropriate completed application. Available online or in the Ohio Concealed Carry Firearm Guide (Blue Book).

New, and Emergency Applicants:

Electronic photo taken at Franklin Co Sherrif’s office. Other counties my require one colored photo (apx, size 2x2) taken with in 30 days of the application date. Check with the sheriff's office prior to your visit.

New Applicants:

An original certificate or affidavit of completion for an Ohio Concealed Carry Training Course within 3 years of the date of application for new applicants.


Is a retired law enforcement officer

Is an active or reserve member of the U.S. Military

Please bring in current Military ID.

Has been honorably discharged from the U.S. Military

Please bring in DD214


Applicant will be disqualified if any of the following applies:

1.)   If applicant has not received required training in past 3 years, except law enforcement.

2.)   If applicant has been CHARGED or UNDER INDICTMENT for:

  1. Any felony
  2. Some drug offenses
  3. Misdemeanor offense of violence
  4. Negligent assault
  5. Misdemeanor offense of violence
  6. Negligent assault
  7. Falsification to obtain Carry Concealed license
  8. Posses a revoked or suspended Carry Concealed license
  9. Conspiracy or attempt to commit, or complicity I committing, any above offense

3.)   If applicant has been CONVICTED:

  1. Any felony
  2. Drug offense
  3. Assault on peace officer
  4. Conspiracy or attempt to commit, or complicity I committing, any above offense

4.)   If applicant has been convicted under the following offenses within 3 years:

  a. A misdemeanor offense of violence
      (Except  resisting arrest, assault on a
      peace officer, possess revoked or
      suspended CC license)

  b. Misdemeanor Crimes of Violence

  1. Assault – 2309.13
  2. Aggravated Menacing – 2903.21
  3. Menacing by Stalking – 2903.21.1
  4. Menacing – 2903.22
  5. Arson – 2909.03
  6. Riot – 2917.03
  7. Domestic Violence – 2919.25
  8. Endangering Children – 2919.22
  9. Intimidation of Victim/Witness – 2921.04
  10. Escape – 2921/34
  11. Discharge firearm at or inot Habitation or School Safety Zone – 2923.16


5.)   If applicant has been convicted under the following offense within 5 years:

  1. 2 or more assaults
  2. 2 or more negligent assaults

6.)   If applicant has been convicted under the following offenses in the last 10 years:

  1. Resisting arrest

7.)    If applicant has is or has been:

  1. Adjudicated mentally incompetent
  2. Committed to any mental institution
  3. Been found by a court to be a mentally ill person, subject to hospitalization by court order
  4. Involuntary patient other than for purposes of observation

Source: Franklin County Sherrif's office.